The Best Disco Sample & Preset Packs Of 2024

Disco is one of those genres that will never go away. Although not super popular during the rise of Tech House, Bass House and the likes, it’s still maintained it’s relevance due to artists such as ‘Purple Disco Machine’ which helped evolve Disco House into it’s new era. I for one, absolutely love Disco, and it will always be a huge passion of mine.

I also realise just how difficult high quality Disco Packs are to find… So hopefully this helps you out!

I’m only going to recommend packs that I actually use, love, and trust. A lot of these suggestions are not affiliated at all, but I want to provide you with the best possible selection available as I know how frustrating it can be to find high quality packs. My goal is to help you reach your production potential. If I can do that, my job here is done.

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To start off our Disco Pack venture, I’m going to recommend 3 of my favourite packs from Loopmasters. In my opinion, if you were to only use these 3 packs, they have all of the sounds/elements to get you going!

By far one of my favourite packs. It’s my #1 go-to when it comes to drum loops while finding inspiration. This is a must-have. You can also use code: HITSDISTRICT – 40% discount… Hurray!


If you’re looking for that pop-infused Disco House vibe, then GhostHack offer a really nice pack. Over 1GB of sounds, including loads of one-shots, loops and kits!


It’s the first time I’ve recommended something from ‘ProducerLoops’ while covering the best packs of 2024 with each House genre, but these 2 are great. Disco Funk I personally use a lot. Summer House I isn’t really my vibe, but I like the quality and it may fit your style!

Ben Rainey has done it again with his insane packs. He covers everything House related, and in my opinion, this is by far my favourite.


I’ve selected 2 packs from ADSR Sounds. Although I don’t feel like these packs are essential, they do offer something unique, especially the first one.

Yup, this list is kinda short… But I don’t want to recommend packs I don’t actually use, and the quality with Disco Packs right now is limited. I will of course keep updating this page!