1. Hits District is a website dedicated to curating great music; like a Spotify playlist, but better.
  2. We do not host, or offer any downloadable content, unless it is through our official Record Label (which is fully original content that does not infringe on any copyright).
  3. This is a music curation website for the purpose of showcasing new music to professional DJs (Club, festival, wedding etc).
  4. We only embed our favourite music using ‘SoundCloud embed’ – We do not direct anyone towards ‘downloading’ official content that we do not own, and/or unofficial remixes, edits, or mashups.
  5. Although we do have an approval process, we do not charge any one-off fees and/or paid subscriptions for access. All DJs can use our portal for free.
  6. We curate music for DJs, but we do NOT host any downloads; They are still required to purchase the track via Beatport/Amazon etc.
  7. We actually help labels and independent artists boost digital sales of their music, alongside monetised streams by sending our listeners directly to their music. As we mentioned before, we do not host any content we do not ownership of on our website.
  8. We put in a lot of effort to ensure any music that we embed is official/with full permission to upload – However, if an artist has any downloadable links to the content on their upload (which is unofficial/without permission), please contact them and/or request SoundCloud to remove the track. It is the artists responsibility to ensure their content does not infringe on copyright. We will however, always take caution when curating music, and listening/accepting new demos.
  9. Hits District respects the legitimate rights of copyright owners. If you believe your copyright-protected work is on our site without authorisation, you may submit a DMCA notice. In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), all requests should be submitted by the copyright owner or agent/representative that’s authorised to act on the owners behalf. All notices are responded to within 24 hours and any infringing material will be removed immediately.
  10. You can reach out anytime through our contact form if you have any issues what-so-ever, or if you wish to submit a DMCA request. Please provide all the relevant information required when filling out the form to speed up the process. Thank you!