What is Hits District?
Our website was built for DJs of all styles within House! We are dedicated to providing the finest House music on a weekly basis to DJs from across the globe.

Alongside our DJ portal, we also help support artists through our Record Label, SoundCloud, and Spotify network. If you’d like to submit your track to our team, check out our ‘submissions’ page. Our promise is that our team will listen to absolutely everything. We are however extremely strict on quality. We don’t push music that we don’t believe in. We do offer sponsored features through our site to help support our work, but 99% of the work we do is for the love of helping others, and we only want to work with artists that deserve more recognition. Quality is the whole point of our site…

What’s the purpose of Hits District?
We got frustrated while scrolling through DJ pools, Beatport, Traxsource etc… DJs have to listen to absolute garbage to find 1-2 gems a week. Our platform is built with the intention of cutting out this mind numbing process. It kills motivation, and passion for music discovery. We are not a DJ pool though, we are a curation platform – You still have to purchase the music through official means; Beatport, Amazon music etc.

We do realise many independent artists are releasing their music for free, so you will still be able to snag a few cheeky freebies. All of this allows us to concentrate on doing what we love instead of being profit focused.

Are there any other plans for Hits District?
100% – We are constantly working towards improving the user experience and the help we can offer.
You can expect some great introductions to the site over the next 12 months.

Why only House Music?
We want to stick to what we are best at. We don’t have the same enthusiasm for other genres of music. This website was built to give back, to enjoy finding great music, and sharing it with the world. House music is what makes us move… It’s as simple as that.

Is Hits District Free?
Yup! Our DJ Portal is 100% free. Wahoo!
We do have an approval process in place, but we don’t charge for our discovery tools!

Can I download music from Hits District?
Yes, but only music that’s been released through our official Record Label! We do not host unauthorised downloadable content on this site – That would be illegal (without explicit permission from the copyright owner(s)). We are fully committed to the curation process of music, not the sharing of downloadable content.

But why is your website looking so basic?
This is actually version 2.0 of Hits District. We built a fancy looking site before and it looked beautiful. However, it wasn’t geared towards speed and/or productivity. DJs just want to find amazing music without the sluggish interference of pesky, slow page loads during the process. Our site is simple, yet powerful.

If you have any questions at all regarding our site, please reach out through our ‘Contact Us’ page!