HITS! District is strictly curated to provide users with the best quality music possible. This site was created to showcase the best music possible, support incredible artists, and help DJ’s discover new music. It is open to everyone to submit their own music.

If you want a feature on Hits! District, label release (Basic Needs, Clutch Courage), Spotify and/or SoundCloud support; please use the form provided below.

We promise to always listen to absolutely everything!

Here’s some awesome services that we can recommend:

PR PLUGGER This service has been around since 2015. It’s always been highly recommended for independent producers who want genuine, trustworthy organic promotion. Surprisingly it’s much cheaper than other alternatives, while still offering the best results. This is due to their quality control. All songs have to be approved first.

HYPEDDIT – It started out as a simple follow-2-download gate-way service which enabled musicians to offer their fans free downloadable content and in return, receive followers on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook etc. They now cover TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, alongside email collection. This is extremely powerful due to its ease of use and reliability, while also providing other awesome features such as their top 100 chart, spotlight promotion and blog pitching.

ROUTENOTE – THE ONLY DISTRIBUTION COMPANY WE RECOMMEND! Get your music on iTunes, Spotify, TIDEL, alongside others, while also receiving royalties from YouTube and SoundCloud.

  • 100% free to sign up with our code: (2f78db9e)
  • Split-pay functionality.
  • Distribute your music to all major stores.
  • They help with promotion.
  • Great customer service.

MOOSENDAll artists should be utilising emails for massive growth. If you lose your TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or SoundCloud account(s), or people simply start using a new social media app, how will you contact your fans? It’s imperative that you start growing your email lists today.

Quick tip: Use Hypeddit to grow your email list, and use Moosend to send the emails!

DIAMOON MEDIAAll of their promotion is organic, and really helps when it comes to Spotify’s algorithm pushing your music. This is due to the streams coming from real listeners while being promoted alongside similar artists. This is out #1 choice for Spotify promotion.

CLOUDBOUNCENot a promotional tool, but an incredible service to get your songs mastered with ease. They’ve got a MASSIVE discount on right now, allowing you to save 70%… Crazy!

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  1. We are not a DJ Pool. We are a website dedicated to curating great music – Like a Spotify Playlist… But better.

  2. We do not offer free downloadable content that we don’t have correct permission for.

  3. The only content we allow users to download for free are uploads from our own Record Labels.

  4. This is a music curation website aimed towards casual fans, and DJs. We only embed our favourite music, we do not direct anyone towards unofficial remixes/edits/mashup downloads on this website.

  5. If we embed something that is copyrighted, we do NOT host any download of the content. If the artist on SoundCloud hosts a downloadable link, that is not of our concern – Please contact the artist for them to remove the link and/or song.

  6. You can reach out anytime through our contact form if you have any issues.

  7. We will never share things we do not have a license for and/or contractual permission.