Release Information Required

Step 1: Sign up to RouteNote if you haven’t already got an account. This is where you will automatically receive all of your royalties from your release with us. Use referral code: 2f78db9e *Make sure you click apply.


Step 2: Upload Files.

– Radio Edit.
– Extended Mix.

– If you do not have both versions, that’s fine – But we would prefer to have both for release.

– Please ensure you do not leave empty silence at the start and/or end of your master.

Please upload WAV (16 or 24Bit, 44.1Hz).


Step 3: Complete the form below.

To find your RouteNote User ID, hover over Your Account and click Profile Preferences – this should take you to your Login Settings, where your User ID is available in the top right corner. This is an extra step RouteNote have added to ensure royalties are always sent to the correct profile.

Important: If any samples/vocals are NOT royalty/copyright free, you MUST let us know immediately.

0 Label Information

Once the above is complete, we will send you a contract to sign (if we haven’t already). After completion, we will update you with your release date and artwork.

We can’t wait to push your music on our platform!