The Best Tech House Sample & Preset Packs Of 2024

Tech House is rising to the top in terms of popularity amongst DJs and producers around the world. With artists reaching dizzy heights under the lights from Cloone, Dom Dolla, James Hype, to Chris Lake, Wade, and of course, John Summit.

Tech House isn’t a new phenomenon, and it’s not going away anytime soon. It will only evolve with time, and we’ve carefully curated packs that we feel fit the current vibe of the industry, alongside powering towards the direction of the future.

I’m only going to recommend packs that I actually use, love, and trust. A lot of these suggestions are not affiliated at all, but I want to provide you with the best possible selection available as I know how frustrating it can be to find high quality packs. My goal is to help you reach your production potential. If I can do that, my job here is done.

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Hy2rogen offer an impressive range of Tech House packs. They’re some of the best on the market. I personally use them extensively and they’re always my first go-to when in the studio. Here’s my top 3!

Update! They’re currently offering massive bundles, but with limited copies available. Huge 90% discount, so it’s a must-purchase right now kinda thing… They’ve also got a Bass House Bundle if that’s more your cup-of tea!


I’ve selected 3 packs from SampleSound, all of which are extremely high quality. I reached out to them to see if I can offer any discount codes and they sent me this…

Code: HITSDISTRICT – Massive 40% Extra Discount 🔥

Not only are their packs awesome, but so is the team behind the brand!

Although not fully Tech House, if you’re looking for high quality, established ‘artists packs’ then we have 3 from Unsion. Their midi packs maybe a little controversial for a few, but nobody can deny that these packs slap. Artists include Malaa, Matroda, and Tchami!

IQ Sounds, although relatively unknown, have some incredible packs – That I consider some of the highest quality available right now. Alongside this, they also have massive discounts on their current bundles.

Ok, so this is a brand that I never even knew created sample packs until a few months ago, and now when they release something new that fits my vibe, I instantly buy it – Because the quality is phenomenal. I don’t think many people have discovered these packs, but they’re some of my favourites!

Are you a fan of the ‘Fisher’ sound? If so, ADSR have a massive bundle with all of his unique sounds.


One name that I’d be silly to miss off this list is ‘Dropgun!’ He’s been around for a long, long time now, creating exceptional music, and now he’s releasing top-end samples. Included in the packs are also many fantastic vocals.

Avant have released this really nice Tech House Pack. It’s a little on the heavy side due to the direction of the guys behind the site, but it’s pretty solid!


Ben Rainey is an established name across the House scene, with some great mixes receiving thousands of streams on YouTube, alongside his highly successful Tech House, House & Deep House production courses. There’s 2 Tech House packs that I really enjoy using!

Inspired by the likes of Michael Bibi, John Summit, Mau P, Chris Lake, and PAWSA, TheProductionSchool have created this insane pack of presets and samples.


If your a fan of the heavier side of Tech House, with those low driven grooves, then I’d recommend checking out Hot Grooves. They have 2 specific packs that I like, both rather similar, but if it’s the vibe you’re looking for, these could be a good fit for you!

Last but certainly not least, we have ‘Blanc’ – A Record Label dedicated to Tech House – And now they have 3 epic volumes!

As an honourable mention, I’ve included InnovationSounds. They have a huge bundle, containing 5000+ samples!


Another honourable mention, because I like what they do – Is PhantomSounds. Just like the above, they have a huge bundle. Stock up!