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  1. We are not a DJ Pool. We are a website dedicated to curating great music – Like a Spotify Playlist… But better.

  2. We do not offer free downloadable content that we don’t have correct permission for.

  3. The only content we allow users to download for free are uploads from our own Record Labels.

  4. This is a music curation website aimed towards casual fans, and DJs. We only embed our favourite music, we do not direct anyone towards unofficial remixes/edits/mashup downloads on this website.

  5. If we embed something that is copyrighted, we do NOT host any download of the content. If the artist on SoundCloud hosts a downloadable link, that is not of our concern – Please contact the artist for them to remove the link and/or song.

  6. You can reach out anytime through our contact form if you have any issues.

  7. We will never share things we do not have a license for and/or contractual permission.

1. Zios – Get It
2. Daniele Andriani – Bad Morning
3. Deep Tribe – Uhh Yeah
4. Noize Ninjaz – Got Back
5. WeMart – Every One
6. Raffaele Esposito – Donde Quiero
7. Will Taylor (UK) – Ordinary Things
8. Joshwa – Magalenha
9. Adrian Mart, Manu Soto – Hold Bong
10. Luca Chiarlitti – Just Imagine
11. Funky-T – Summer In Chicago (Patrick Wayne & DJ Threejay Remix)
12. Disorder – My Sound
13. Alex Lago, Maty Badini – Whisper
14. Dale Howard – How We Get Down
15. Kanio – Slow Down
16. Abbud, ENNE (BR) – Show Respect
17. Sterium – Fumarum
18. WeMart – No Filters
19. mareels – Yourself
20. A.IFF, Duarte (BR) – Weep
21. Damelo – How We Do It
22. Simon Ricci, Gosts, Gabriele Agostino – Move To The Beat
23. Dillon Nathaniel – Westside Trippin