WuTrax Campaign

We have recently teamed up with WuTrax 🤝 to help independent artists push their music to new heights. WuTrax is a private network of incredible power. It’s the only service we recommend within this space. They have supported our platform from day 1, so it seemed only fitting to team up with the joint vision of truly helping thousands of independent artists around the world 😆


We’re here to give everyone the chance to represent their music, drive undiscovered artists, and support those we feel deserve the world’s attention. We teamed up with the elites within the industry, offering a wide range of established curators who are ready to give your music the recognition it deserves.

Tired of awful SoundCloud campaigns? We don’t blame you. It’s rife, and it needs to stop!

Why WuTrax is different?

Genre specific. Fully authentic. Real results. Real engagement. We care about your reputation, and ours.

We work alongside hundreds of industry professionals, influencers, and music lovers every day. This allows us the fortunate opportunity to push new and emerging independent artists that deserve more recognition.

What we promise to do:

Increase your reach through legitimate streams, likes, reposts, and followers.
Improve your reputation through real, authentic engagement.
Restore your faith in promotional music campaigns. 

*95% of our business is working with repeat clients.

We look forward to pushing your music to new heights!